How important is it to know what direction you are going in life?

We have been traveling south each winter since 2010 when I was 36 years old. And each year since we have slightly increased our southern exposure. Sometimes flying, cruising, driving and this year we wanted to try the Auto Train.

Well, today, my wife and I packed up our belongings, loaded up the car, drove to Virginia and we are about to board the southbound Amtrak train to Florida without a return ticket.

As I am sitting here in the passenger check-in area watching all the cars being loaded onto the auto train I’m spending my time looking around. I see older Florida snowbirds, as we call them or us up north, with their gray hair, assisted devices to make traveling a little easier perhaps, masked up and bundled up with all the things that they’re going to need for the next week or months ahead.

As I look around the waiting area, I realize out of the hundreds or thousands of people I see very few look like me. I think about the boxes as we check off the age groups… 45-54, 55-64, 65-74, 75-84, 85-94 and 95+, and so on and so on.

As I look around, I would say the median age group of this crowd is the upper 70s, probably around 78 or even 80 if I had to make a guess.

And it brings such a smile to my face as I look around at all of these Florida birds traveling south for the winter for several reasons.

I feel the joy in their hearts as they don’t have to spend a cold winter up north perhaps alone perhaps with Arthritis and all kinds of ailments that likely feels better down south.

I imagine them thinking back on a life of choices they made to bring them to this moment of what I would call freedom. When I think of a bird, I automatically think of freedom. Although I coach and mentor so many people of absolutely all ages- I do know that not all of these people practice freedom in the mind.

I imagine the majority of them taking this journey south in January 2023 to be thinking back on some choices that led them to afford this “freedom”, at least the physical freedom to fly south for the winter.

I imagine if asked what led them to land right here at this moment in this time January 2023, what would they say? And I get the gut feeling that I would hear quite a bit of the answers similar to whether I made good decisions or it was the decisions I made that led me to here or even I always knew and held the vision of being able to fly south…

I think about all the sacrifices and challenges in their lives that they must have made to make the right decisions to bring them to this moment. To have the freedom to fly like a bird.

To have the freedom to fly south for the winter. I’m back up north for the summer. It makes me smile to know that they/we have the freedom to choose.

It also selfishly makes me smile on the inside knowing that as one of the youngest people here in this room, and I don’t consider myself young all the time- but at this moment if you saw nearly everyone else here, they would say I am. To be one of the youngest people in this waiting room at this time alongside the Florida birds, as one of them.

I am happy because it reminds me of the decisions that I made in my life and it reminds me that I always held a very strong vision of being able to be FREE and not wait till I am older or not to be held back by the one-week only vacation mentality or the thoughts that I have to be controlled by my business or any one of the other stories that could have kept me stuck.

I know if I interviewed the people in this room and I very well may and asked them what is one piece of advice they would give their 20 or 30 year younger self, they would say- do it sooner! It reminds me of what I have done to get me to this place in this time, many here would say before my time- although that is NOT what I think. Again, imagine here.

To experience this journey is what many of the folks in this room consider a young person. So many of the median-age people in my bracket, in my box, would likely say I can’t do that. Or how did you do that, you must be rich or you must have hit the lotto. And in many ways I am rich and yes I do feel as if I did hit the lotto in my life by creating freedom and prosperity in my mind. By saying yes to opportunities to enhance my mindset, to have continuously sought after what successful people have been dropping.

I have received the greatest gift I believe anyone could have, the gift of unlocking negative patterns of thinking that keeps so many people (of all ages) and many people in this room far from free. I don’t just believe, I know that true freedom starts in the mind, not at the Amtrak ticket counter.

Ask yourself the how can I question… I’m not writing this to say that I am better than anyone else, nor am I writing this to show off in any way. I am absolutely enlightened at this moment and am able to share that enlightenment with you. So if you feel there is a decision or decisions in your life that you have been holding back from, saying I can’t, or feel stuck or locked up in a cage of your own mental thinking- I’m here to invite you to break free! And to tell you that if and when you step into that decision or make those moves that are

scary, you will find your freedom –

That is my goal of sharing and if boasting about the physical and mental feeling of freedom I feel on this one day- and it inspires you in some small way, then that is what I am here to do.

If there is something that’s been holding you back in your life from breaking free, I’m here today to invite you into a how can I experience. How can I do it sooner, do it faster, do it now? Because now is the only time that matters. And where you are going is right in front of your next group of decisions.

If this share reminds you that you haven’t made good decisions in your life, I implore you not to think that. Use this as your breaking-free moment to think differently.

Freedom is a choice. Where you’re going is the end result of your decisions. Regret won’t move you forward. What new decisions are waiting to break free in your mind? What new freedoms hide behind those decisions? Today, take one move towards a goal that you have in your life. Paint the picture loud and clear. Keep your eye on that vision and don’t let anyone take it from you please share about it when you get there!

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