Flying up, grounding down

Written by on July 24, 2023

Dealing with the ups and downs of past trauma.

Flying up, grounding down.

As I write this, I am on a flight from New York to Michigan. I thought it to be a little ironic to write about grounding down into your root chakra when I’m flying through the air at 30,000 feet above the ground.

May is mental health awareness month and is right on the heels of June which deals with PTSD. PTSD stands for “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” which usually stems from past experiences of trauma that lives on in future experiences usually caused by “triggers”.

One major trigger I have and I know many others do as well that brings on fear stress and anxiety, is flying.

So what to do with those nasty triggers? Avoid them – yes I thought of that…however what we avoid grows. As we share inside our private Mentoring community, what we avoid tends to show up with different haircuts. So the second option is what I chose to do, and that is facing it head-on. Because who wants to be stuck on the ground all the time anyway?

I can remember a time when I would have a very challenging experience boarding any type of aircraft. My heart would race, my face would flush, my hands would be pulsating and I would have this pit in my stomach… this feeling that the bottom was falling out from under me. I would clench my leg muscles all the way down to my toes and I would literally be gripping onto nothing because of the need to feel some sense of grounding. That fear was pulsing through my body the entire time from take-off to landing and depending on where I was traveling, I could be wasting ten hours gripping onto the fear itself. Because nothing else was there.

We have seven major energy portholes… these energy pathways send communications to the brain and the brain messages back to the body in this infinity-like loop. The root or base chakra is located at the base of the spine and connects down through the legs into the earth. (You can imagine the roots of a tree) When the earth is thousands of feet below us, the sensation of clinging and gripping on through your buttocks, groin, hips, thighs, and legs can be a common experience.

Now Literally aboard my flight I felt compelled to share that there is light at the end of the trigger and gripping onto the fear tunnel.

There are several base chakra practices to ground down through Fear, Stress, and Anxious behavior. You can re-create that feeling of not being safe or disconnected to the ground.

• Use LSD breathing- Breathe Long, Slowly, and Deeply.

• Lavender and Serenity Essential Oils

• Ask is this real? Validate Your Experience. Everything is OK.

• Focus on Your 5 Senses.

• Think Positively for just 45 Seconds.

• Use a Gravity or Weighted Blanket.

• Laugh.

• Calming CBD topicals, capsules, and tinctures can serve as calming agents.

And what I chose to do ultimately was to re-wire my brain. By choosing to re-wire my brain, [yes that is literally what I did] I am happy to say that my fear, stress, and anxiety at 30,000 feet in the sky have lessened tremendously. It has lessened so much that I have helped many people with their flying anxiety -even when they are in mid-flight.

So how did I re-wire my brain, you ask? What did I ultimately do so that I can literally be helping other people now while I am aboard my flight?


Hypnotherapy allowed me to tap into my subconscious brain and unwire those synaptic connections that literally had me wired directly from my trigger [flying] to create a fear-based anxious experience. I went from that to develop a new trust, an unbreakable connection to the earth no matter where I am, and an overall sense of well-being even when triggers of all kinds from past trauma raise their ugly heads.

How did I really accomplish all of that? I can hear you asking through the ethers…

You might be imagining someone swinging a pendulum back and forth in a session and I walked out just waiting to rack up those frequent flyer miles…

Not exactly. During an Emotionally Transformative Hypnotherapy experience and it is an experience as well as a process. It involves energy work, hypnotherapy as well as Mentoring & Coaching. Together, this holistic approach hypnotizes, coaches, and mentors and gets to the core of where these triggers and past trauma hide…to release it through a mind, body, heart, and spirit approach. So it doesn’t come back in a different haircut. People who are serious about turning their triggers into trust must know it is a process, a process that equals a lasting outcome. Our next Emotionally Releasing Hypnotherapy Class is May 31st Sign up >>>

My belief is that

So the first step is making a decision that you are not your fear, stress, or anxiety nor are you your past trauma living out each day of your life.

There is a way out that way is in and through. Going through an emotionally releasing process can clear a host of triggers and really turn that energy into one rooted in trust.

You are just one thought away from a new experience. Just one decision away from a whole new life. Everything starts with making a decision. To decide, in the Greek root word of the language means to cut off from. Cutting off from any other possibility other than a path of Faith, Love, Peace, Ease, and Trust. You too can decide today to release your trauma and transform from your symptoms to freedom! So get rooted, breathe into that place of fear and decide to join us in our upcoming 10 Week Program, and schedule your discovery call today!

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