Success Stories

Success Stories

The Breaking Free Transformation program is a life-changing experience. It’s all about you. It’s definitely work but with the tools the program gives you, it’s simple and so rewarding. And your life is better from it. You come out wiser for sure.


Our family faced a difficult time during our grandmother’s transition to heaven. Maria’s calm, peaceful, positive, and upbeat energy helped us get through the ups and downs. She did everything possible to make our queen and the whole family comfortable at all times. She was there when we needed to talk or even a shoulder to lean on. She played music, danced, massaged, and used her spiritual and energy healing techniques for our grandmother. We loved having Maria with us and wouldn’t have had it any other way.


I am forever grateful for Transformational Gangstas. My mentors have guided me towards positivity and achieving my goals in ways I never thought were possible. This program is the gift that keeps on giving. What I’ve learned will stay with me and will be used every day of my life.


I was able to pursue new career paths with great success.

Opened my mind to thoughtful parenting, listening to understand not just “hear”, and strengthened my family connections immensely with both my children and parents.

My relationships in general become stronger as I leaned into speaking my truth with respect and becoming vulnerable in my relationships. The focus shifted from everything “wrong”, to all that is so right.

No more daydreaming about what life could be, I made my life what I always wanted it to look like. Plenty of “curve balls” and roadblocks, but with the tools learned in the program, I was able to pivot, figure it out, silence the fear, and move forward in a way that did not betray my core values.

Gone are the days of procrastination, avoidance, fear of failure, and all of the toxic and negative emotions our inner Mobster loves to feed. I could go on and on about the many ways this program has changed my life.


This actually changed my life! this is a success…


“Thank you for sharing your gift with me! Know that not only have you touched my life but also the lives of the people I interact with because of my tools and mindset! Namaste, my sister!”


My therapist fired me, lol!! She can’t believe my transformation in only 10 weeks with your Program!! I’ve always wanted but never believed it!! I am loving it, breathing it, and leading by example!”


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