The Economy of Source, Are you plugged in?

Written by on July 27, 2023

Before you say to yourself “what the heck is that” a new type of economy I have to start fearing. I’m already in full fledge stress…

It is not that AT ALL. This might very well be the first of hopefully many discussions we will have around a new non-fear-based approach to dissuading the word “Economy”. So many of our clients who are business owners, employees, employers, and people in our spirit-based communities are experiencing fear-based communication about what is happening or what might happen or could happen.

If you are like most people on this planet, you might have been or are experiencing some fear around money, finances, the market, and the Economy at large.

The first thing to do is STOP. Stop adding to the fear that is being actively created. Just because “their” opinion is being offered to you doesn’t mean you have to become that FEAR.

If you are feeling the emotions of fear, stress, and anxiety around this topic and the feelings of lack and not enough-ness… you are not alone.

Before we start a path to healing these emotions and feelings around this word, let’s dive into what the word really means.

The economy is all about our feelings around the accessibility and ease of connecting to resources and products we believe we need. If one of the items on the list is money and you are feeling any form of lack when you think about your access to it, you can heal that relationship and make new agreements around what “it” is and change how you perceive money, finances, and the Economy. You can change that relationship.

Yes, I said your understanding of the economy and how you feel about money, in general, is your agreement with the collective conversation around it.

I can hear you thinking, BUT this is real! I am afraid about what might happen or what is happening.

Take a deep breath. In through your nose and let go of energy in your body out through your exhale. Repeat a couple of times… Ahhh ok.

NOW that is real! Everything else is a story you agree with and a relationship you have developed over years of thinking a certain way about any given topic. Money is likely at the top of the list.

So how do I change this so-called “relationship” when it feels so painful and I feel depleted even thinking about it?

Great question! Here are 5 practical shifts you can make to plug into the never-ending Energetic Economy of Source. The source is the connection to renewable energy (which is everything), including your access and feelings around cash.

  1. Gratitude- Start by practicing gratitude for the resources that you do have right NOW. There is no greater attractor than love and gratitude. Practice gratitude for the money and resources you do have NOW. Say aloud, I am so grateful and thankful for all the money, resources, and credit I have access to today!
  2. Give- Give to others. Give to charity. If you don’t have money, ask yourself what do I have to give? If it’s time or gently used clothes or baked goods- that is giving. When you feel like you have nothing, you have the chance to become and connect to the source which provides all that you ever need.
  3. Visualize to Actualize- Use the power of your visualization to imagine yourself having all the things that you currently feel lack around. If you can Envision it in your mind, you can achieve it. What the mind can conceive, it can achieve! Keep the vision of a prosperous you alive!
  4. Arigato- When you spend, think of it as an investment. Think of giving as receiving. “Arigato In, Arigato Out” is a Japanese word That means Thank You. -Arigato the money you give – Arigato the money you receive. Use this powerful Japanese mantra to thank the inexhaustible source of prosperity, and remember to thank it whenever it passes your awareness.
  5. Mindset- Use the abundance mindset. Abundance means that I have more than enough of everything to feel well, comfortable, peaceful, and filled with faith overflowing. Lots of it. This does not mean I have all I will ever need. This means, I have all I need right here and right now. Being grateful for all you have in this moment of now allows you to feel full. Full of hope, abundance, and maybe even prosperous over time.

Abundance is an overflow of energy in all its forms. Not just in cash. Healing these relationships not just with money and the economy; but with relationships in general, particularly the one you have with yourself.

This is the WHY we created the Mobster to Mentor Method- which is the method of moving from negativity, powerlessness, and lack of happiness, health, blessings, and yes prosperity to the exact opposite. The power of your choice is you connecting to the never-ending energy of the source. The source never runs out. And my life passion is to share these systems that work for everything we feel is out of our reach.

In our BREAKING FREE Connected Peace & Prosperity group Mastermind Mentorship designed for business owners who wish to change their experience and relationship with money and stress in general, we take a deep dive into the experience of changing foundational relationships and shift our entire life.

This concept is not for everyone, it is for those who wish to surrender to what has been and choose a whole new path toward making a deeper, long-lasting connection to finding, connecting with, and not letting go of the new Economy of Source that is in all ways supportive and fulfilling.

You are abundant now. Take advantage of our transformative discovery call and our next master class. You can experience a greater connection with The Economy of Source NOW. It can be real for you.


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