Bye Bye 2020...

Bye-Bye 2020…

We are a few hours away from saying goodbye to one of the most challenging years we’ve ever faced. We wanted to write you an inspirational email so you could kick off 2021 on the right foot. So much happened in 2020:

  • COVID-19
  • A crazy political election
  • Murder hornets

Here’s a list of 10 things we can do to make 2021 the best year ever.

  1. Do NOT make resolutions. Yes, you read that right. The problem with resolutions is we make them on New Year’s Eve and then check back with them sometime around Thanksgiving. There is NO accountability. They’re really more of a wish list. Instead, make a list of SMART goals of things you want to accomplish in 2021.
  2. Focus on ACTIONS, not GOALS. Wait, you just said to write a SMART goal list. Yes, write your SMART goals down, and then instead of focusing on the destination think about the small, consistent actions you can take every day to move you towards those goals.
  3. Focus on all the good that happened in 2020. Believe it not, there was a lot of good that happened in 2020: • A vaccine for COVID-19 was created in record time showing what could happen when we all work together for a common cause • Animal shelters are the emptiest they have ever been. Because of the worldwide stay-at-home orders, more abandoned dogs and cats found their forever homes than ever before • People all over the world connected in ways they haven't before - Zoom actually shut down in March! • We got cast reunions from our favorite TV shows • More movies were released on streaming services. A trend that will continue in 2021, which means we can enjoy those blockbusters from the comfort of our living rooms in our PJs.
  4. Write a daily gratitude list. Start every day by reflecting and writing down the things you are grateful for in your life (don’t like the word gratitude? Use the word appreciate instead). Focusing on the things in your life that you are happy for programs your brain to look for MORE things to grateful for. We recommend writing down at least 20 but you can try for 100 to really supercharge your brain. (you don’t have to write everything you are grateful for in one sitting, keep a pad nearby and jot your gratitudes down all through the day)
  5. Read aloud a set of affirmations. Every morning, grab your affirmations and read them out loud in front of your mirror. Look into your eyes when during this. It sets you up for a great day.
  6. Set aside Self-Loyalty time. We spend so much time doing for others that we forget to take time for ourselves. Schedule some time (at least an hour) to do something you love or that makes you happy. It could be reading a book, taking a bath, or even taking a nap. Focusing on yourself and your own well-being reduces stress and anxiety.
  7. Learn to eliminate. We all have things we want to accomplish in 2021 but before we can make room for the new we must get rid of the old. Think of it this way… Imagine you wake up in your pajamas and then go take a shower but you keep your jammies on. Then, you get out of the shower and put on your workout clothes over your PJs, and go to the gym. After that, you put your regular clothes on over the workout clothes. Sounds ridiculous, right? You wouldn’t be effective because you are wearing all these things you don’t need. So, get rid of those things you don’t need before starting something new.
  8. Let go of perfection. None of us are perfect. We are all human and we have faults and make mistakes. Perfection is the enemy of progress. Believing we need to perfect in every situation just prevents us from starting and creates unnecessary stress which keeps us from achieving our goals. Remember, life is a journey and you will not get it right the first time. The important thing is to keep trying.
  9. Take chances. If you really want to see 2021 explode in greatness then try something new and different. Think of something you always wanted to do or learn and then commit to doing it. It doesn’t matter if it’s sky diving or learning a new language - DO IT. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
  10. Meditate or sit in quiet. We all need time to unplug from the day. Meditation allows you to turn off and tune out for a little bit. It re-energizes and re-centers you.

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