Claim your Independence

We all know what the July 4th holiday represents for our country, Independence Day, also called Fourth of July or July 4th, in the United States, the annual celebration of nationhood. It commemorates the passage of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776.

What does that really mean? What really happened on Independence Day for our country was that we signed a piece of paper that stated we were able to BREAK FREE from foreign rule and we claimed our very own freedom to decide the fate of our country.

At Transformational Gangstas, we provide structured platform for you to claim your own personal independence from your programming from others who unknowingly programmed you with information that simply doesn’t serve your best interest. It’s not their fault, their programming may work for their nation or their life and not yours. Perhaps it is what we call “mental chatter” or “noise” inside your head that is residual older tapes left over from people you no longer know, like or trust and you just need to claim your independence from those old programs.

Maybe you just know that there is a better way to think, act and live out your life. You might want to BREAK FREE from your own old ways or even start a journey to discover new ways that would serve you and your family even better. Some may feel that things are going pretty well and you’re just on a mission to cross the bridge from pretty ok to living out your life’s purpose or step into a better role- one that you step into YOUR person TRUTH.

Listen, claiming your independence from what others told you about you can be done. Whats on the other side of that bridge is yet to be discovered and claimed. That foreign rule that still dictates your thoughts, actions and behaviors can be changed.

You can find that volume button and turn that noise way down bringing you away from Stress, Fear and Anxiety of what anyone thinks of you.

You can step quickly and strategically into a brand new you and finally feel the true FREEDOM that comes with stepping into your TRUTH. You can manage the mental chatter and learn to live a whole new life filled with Faith, Love, Peace and Ease.

Let’s explore the what if’s both ways. What if you don’t claim your independence and at least explore your possibilities, what will be different for you this summer? What about in the Fall or next year or in five years. NOTHING is the answer. So if you are truly happy with your life right now, don’t claim your independence. And on the other hand, what if you do claim your independence? What could happen for you? What if you say YES to a discovery call with our Certified Mentors & Coaches and explore the way that things could really change for you or find out that you are truly worthy of living the life that you desire. How could life change for you if you were really in the driver seat of your life? How could your Summer of Transformation look then? How would you feel as a changed person going into September? What goals would you have reached by the end of this year? How would your life shift over the next five years? Would you actually hit your five year goals?

Are you ready to claim your independence? Is this gong to be just another holiday to chill on the beach? If you’re ready to enter into a Summer of true Transformation, jump on a FREE discovery call with our Certified Mentors and explore your possibilities. Happy Independence Day!