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Getting Ready to Get Ready

What does that mean to get ready to get ready?

This means to prepare for what you say you want, to prepare for your day so you aren’t caught up in the day, instead you prime yourself for whatever could happen in the day. You might really get ready to accept the good and get ready to catch any potential curve balls that may be thrown your way in any given moment :

This is especially important if any of you experience a situation where you only know there is a problem and have no idea how to get to the solution....

For example: if your experiencing any heightened emotion such as anxiety, panic attacks, fear or stress...

Anytime where you find yourself in fight or flight mode, you only know you are there and there is no way OUT. Perhaps you are seeing RED and are literally caught up in the emotional victimness of the so called “problem” that you lose yourself.

Many times you feel helpless in these situations and have a feeling of total loss of control. You can lose control of your emotions, your words, your body language, your calmness and before you know it, you are all wadded up in the “problem”.

In any acute stress situation you cannot solutionize in that red hot moment because you are already in panic mode. You are already in motion. Remember Newton and the law?

Newton's first law of motion states that "An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.”

Objects tend to "keep on doing what they're doing." In fact, it is the natural tendency of objects to resist change entirely.

Guess what, the same goes for you and I. That is why it is so challenging to change. We are literally stuck in the motion or non motion momentum and nothing changes unless acted on by a force of energy- it is law.

When we learn the powerful practice of getting ready to get ready, we prime our momentum and movement in a new direction. Away from fear, stress, anxiety’s pull.

The best time to stop powerful momentum is before it starts. The best way to “manage” your stress is before it begins. The best way to stay calm in challenging situations is to practice calmness. When you get ready to get ready, you take your power back, you gain clarity and control. You gain you back so you don’t lose yourself in things that don’t matter.

Are you ready to get ready? What great things are you getting ready for?