If you had a genie who would grant you just one wish, what would that wish be?

If you can wish for absolutely anything in life right this very moment, what would you wish for? Seriously think about that right now. You can wish for money, a new car, better circumstances, a new partner, someone to share love with, a better body, to conceive a child or make a major life move. Or you could wish for something super grand like “learning how to live out your life’s purpose”

What about wishing for TIME?

Many people close to the end of their life, when asked this same question would ask for more TIME and the same word came up inside our Mobster to Mentor Tribe. I wish I had more time; I wish I could go back in time. If I knew then what I know now, everything would be different. Sometimes we use it as an excuse to why we don’t feel fulfilled or to justify why we don’t feel like we are in control of our life. “If I had more time, then I would be able to complete my projects and finally get to where I want to be.” Any of this sound familiar to you?

Do you ever wish you had a time machine to get the TIME that you let slip by you back or wish you could learn how to make or create time? Time is the most valuable asset that exists. We all know there is no more TIME, if you're waiting for me to drop the mic on the secret way to get more time in a day, that is not going to happen. There will never be anyone who can help you find 25 hours in any day of the week. That is simply not possible and I am not going to tell you that a piece of software or technology will help you get more time either. There is no TIME machine.

The good news? What you can learn to do is to direct and shape your time to feel better and more accomplished with the TIME that you do have. Learning how to master your TIME allows you to master your life.

The secret to know how to manage the TIME you do have is what you really want. The power to control your emotions and master your thoughts. Time is really energy, emotion and how you feel in any given moment of NOW. Time is an illusion.

Let’s say I did have that TIME machine to grant you your wish and you could create more hours in your day, why would you really want that? What would you do with all that extra time? Worry more? Stress more? Allow fear, stress and anxiety to rule more of your life? Or maybe you would procrastinate more, beat yourself up more or even dredge up old stuff from your past and continue to let it define your future. Maybe you would use that time living in regret or fear of something that might happen in the future. Perhaps allow technology to continue prompting you to react to outside noise more of the time??? Remember when you thought a piece of software would really save you TIME? How did that work out for you? Are you spending more time catching up with emails and social media than ever before?

What you really want to ask that Genie for is the secrets to master the TIME you do have. To learn how to enjoy the time you have more and live the life you secretly long for. Don’t you just want to live happy and free? If the quality of your life is tied up inside the quality of your thoughts, energy and emotion then let’s change that wish. Why not wish for a way to learn how to master your emotions and give you what you really want which is an enhanced quality of life regardless of how much TIME you have. Mastering your emotions allow you to master your thoughts, your energy, your TIME and your entire LIFE! We have the Mobster to Mentor Method to help you get unstuck and live that life you truly deserve. We are the bridge to get you from where you are to where you want to be! We are just a discovery call away. What are you waiting for? More TIME to pass?

Join us on the journey to Mastering this thing we call life right NOW.