If you're not feeling trusted or supported in your closest relationships – it's time to look within.

"If you feel lack of trust in or from others, your circumstances, outcomes, institutions, have a challenge trusting your own choices or even the universe in which you live… take a look within.”

Ask yourself, when did the lack of trust begin- trust in yourself I mean?

The trust you have in your abilities, your self trust. The decisions you are making, the trust you have that everything can change, will change and is already changing for the better. The trust you have in your timing, judgement, the trust you have that circumstances, relationships and yes money, apartments, cars will all show up when you truly line up with them.

Perhaps you’re in a business where others need to trust you to get an account, close a deal or make a sale and you are not feeling a strong bond of trust with your potential clients, your team or even your own ability to lead.

A lack of trust outside of you and with your relationships is a direct reflection of your inner trust- the one you have with your inner mentor, that part of you that is connected with your faith. And if you don’t trust yourself, how can anyone else put their trust, money, time or even their life in your hands? How can you trust other people if you don’t trust yourself?

First look in the mirror . I mean go now to a mirror and look at yourself. Make a promise that you will look for, find and let go of distrust in all of its haircuts in order to build the most important trusting relationship in the world. Then let go of distrust (distrust is fear’s little brother and part of your inner mobster) to allow room for trust.

Yes, even if you have been hurt in the past, yes even if you didn’t get the wins you wanted to yesterday and yes even if “they” lied to you before.

Know this and you will know everything… No one or no thing outside you has the power to break your trust and hurt you… unless you give them that power.

Now, that doesn’t mean to make foolish decisions and put yourself in situations with people, places and things that you know won’t serve you or that you know aren’t trustworthy.

What I am guiding you toward considering is this…

To allow your self trust in your own inner mentor or inner guidance’s system to grow. It is the most important bond to nurture, as it’s strength nurtures everyone and everything around you. You have the ability and the right to know the truth of what will serve your intentions- once you strengthen that bond.

Now, just like any relationship, this one will take time for you to get to know one another. And like other relationships, it’s a good idea to dedicate time to build a bond with your inner mentor- ask more questions followed by why? Followed by paying attention to the feeling as your answer. Connect with how you feel during quiet times of meditation, gratitude journaling and breath work- during which you can explore scenarios, outcomes, ask more questions and then when the feeling of your answers feels “right”, you just have to line up with faith and trust (which is fear’s enemy).

When you create the space to ask, listen, to feel and continue paying attention and building that bond, you are building your self trust - ooh and this is big, really big ok. Don’t gloss over.

You are building your self trust with your personal guidance system which when is in alignment with your true intention, you just have to let go (which is true trust) and everything will work out exactly the way it is supposed to. (And are you ready?).

You no longer have to push against, anguish, have racing thoughts over, stress over, play the what if circle of death over and over again - playing out the worst case scienerios about absolutely everything. Oh and you no longer have to fear the unknown (which includes you and your family’s future).

That’s right, when you give up pushing against, making things happen (never works), getting disappointed about and struggling for… (insert whatever comes to mind here ________)

Things become easier. The relationships around you which used to be fear based, become trust based and you will no longer need those high walls to keep others out.

Because there is no big bad wolf coming after you, pushing you into fear, stress, anxiety and overwhelm (which leads to procrastination and staying stuck), things move. The bad things move away from you and the good things line up for you.

You no longer need to be guarded because “they” no longer have the power to hurt you.

When you get into alignment with the energy of who YOU really are, that trust is a bond that no one can break. No one can penetrate that bond and you my friend become a true force of nature with the law of attraction right at your finger tips!

And like the acorn planted in soil and nurtured, it doesn’t fight to become a tree, it allows the becoming of the tree and becomes one. It doesn’t worry that it might become a fern either.

You will just know who and what and why you are meeting the people you are meeting, you will just expect the money rolling into your bank account, the smiles are stretching across your face and no one else has to know what you are doing. You have no one to blame, only to thank yourself and your creator for being such a Genius!

And when doubt knocks on your door (oh and it will) for trusting in this woo woo law of attraction weird stuff, take a deep breath.

And as you ask yourself if you really believe in any of this or your power etc., first ask how distrust, doubt, worry and fear of the unknown has worked out for you so far anyway?

And then listen for your inner guidance system as your inner mentor whispers “continuing to put your belief in that old way is the real weird stuff” duh It’s time to become a powerful creator and make magic

And when people say something like “wow things are really working out for you over at” or “Seems like things are going well in the _____ industry.” Or simply “What are you doing differently? Did you get a new haircut? I know, you met someone? “Did you go on a vacation, you look so refreshed.?”

You of course can embellish and let them known how you have an inner guidance system that you have full trust in. You can say that it is actually your inner mentor that you are meditating with and this new true best friend is guiding you through meditation and letting go of struggle each day (oh and you can see this best friend, it actually lives inside of me) and together we are powerfully intending what I want, then lining up with it energetically and allowing for the good things to just flowing easily and freely right to me. I basically gave up resistance and then it all came, just like that like magic.

Or You can simply smile and say I was ready for something more out of lift, joined a mentorship program and found true happiness-thank you for noticing.

If they say, you mean you gave up struggle and fear, and they look something like this, well that is silly, I don’t believe in that sort of stuff- just let them be.

It’s time to put your faith and trust in you. Don’t feel the need to explain to anyone what you are really doing. It’s none of your business what they think of you anyway.

“The depth of your trust with your outer relationships will reflect in the depth of the trust you have within yourself. If you're lacking trust and depth in any relationship, consider how much of it is similar to the relationship you have with yourself. As you find deeper levels of faith, love, peace, ease and trust within yourself, you'll naturally find that in others, too."

Oh and one last thing- be prepared for the “others” meaning people, places, things, jobs, careers, addresses to likely shift… yes for the better of course! Why else are we here if we’re not here to expand and live a life filled with faith, love peace and ease anyway. There is nothing better than powerfully creating self trust which changes everything!