Mental Health Awareness Month

As you may know, May is #mentalhealthawareness month. Unfortunately, there is still a stigma that goes along with mental illness. Many people don’t talk about their condition because of a fear of shame and ridicule. Almost 20% of the adults in the US experience mental illness. That is over 46 MILLION people who suffer in silence.

To break the silence and let people know they are not alone, I am sharing my story of abuse, addiction, depression and PTSD by giving away copies of my book, Breaking Free: From Mobster to Mentor, FREE!

It can be extremely intimidating to reach out for help. You are worried about how others will look at you and wonder if they will call you crazy. I secretly would search through the huge health directory looking for therapists, but when someone walked by my desk I would close and hide the book, wait for them to pass and then start the process over again.

The truth is that there is nothing to feel shame about. You are not weak for admitting you need help and owning your illness … You are strong! My life started to change after I found the right therapist for me and started to record my thoughts and feelings in a journal so I could study and learn from them.

Those notes became the book, Breaking Free: From Mobster to Mentor.

It’s all in there …

My struggles, trials and tribulations.

All the challenges I faced in becoming the happily married, empowered female entrepreneur I am today are laid out.

It is my hope to inspire you to step out of the shadows and stand in your power and get the support you need to live an incredible life of joy, happiness and love.