Moon Manifestations, What do you Moon?

You'll often see rituals associated with setting intentions and manifesting with the energy of the moon and I wanted to take a dive into what's up with all the attention. It's just a tiny little sliver in a great big giant sky anyway, isn't it?

Many of the manifesting rituals are associated with seed planting, with nourishment, intuition, meditation, feminine energy, healing and tapping into your creativity, as well. And today we are exploring the why? Why all the ceremonial hype?

A full or new moon ceremony is an invitation to drop into the power of deep intention and an invitation to go within to a mystical space of creation where all possibilities exist. It creates a focus and a container for our intention and a source of our connection. It aligns us with the energy of the feminine divine.

Ok.... So why is now the time to make that connection and manifest all our dreams and goals you ask- moon or no moon?

This is the greatest calling to change and healing our spirit has ever been invited into. It is so because it is the greatest time of suffering our planet has experienced in many many moons. Pun totally intended.

Or at least in any of our lifetimes who are here on this planet today- animals and humans included.

As a Chinese Medicine Astrological Feng Shui Energy Healer (the energy in our space), Medical Massage Therapist (the energy in our physical body) & Reiki Master (the energy that connects us to all the realms- her Majesty the moon included) - I offer my totally unique eclectic approach that you will not find from anyone else...

Could we add any more labels here? Lol

So let's make sense of all the moon business and find out why now.

This is a time where the metal element of (try to follow me here) FEAR which attacks our immune system and our lungs has been ruling our planet for the past two metal years. This energy started late in 2019 as the first metal year was gaining momentum. 2020 Enter the Metal Rat (fast and sneaky) followed by Metal Ox (slow, methodical). All ruled by Metal or FEAR which breaks down our immune system, keeps us feeling stuck (ever hard of the FEAR was crippling) and alone.

The time we are approaching in 2022 is ruled by the metal water. We

are entering the Water Tiger energy this year and guess what rules the tides, the oceans and our water on this planet? Give up?

Remember we, our human bodies are made up of mostly water as well so it ruled the water which is connected to our emotions... The Moon. The feminine yin energy of the Moon helps regulate the water on our planet and in our bodies. It controls the push and pull of the ocean tides and when we make a powerful connection, we are asking for her to help us better control our emotions, curb our fear, stress, anxiety and enhance our communication. This is the time to communicate to the universe what it is you really want and start to shake off the crippling fears that have controlled us and kept us stagnant for far too long. It is where we create space and freedom from FEAR based thinking and crippling emotional roller coaster rides.

And who doesn't need that now more than ever? A breaks, a time to create some freedom and Peace in our lives.

Below are the top 10 Self-Care Moon Rituals that will help you step into your power, get unstuck and move into the creator you really are.

Ok if your ready.. well your getting ready to get ready step is to ground yourself first. Take time to get out of your head and sink into your heart. Take a 5 minute "me time" before diving into your "moon time"

1. 🌕Ground Yourself with crystals. The time leading up to a full Moon can often make people moody, sensitive, and fatigued so be extra kind and compassionate with yourself. Do not judge.

2. 🌖The time leading to the New Moon or new beginnings can often invite us into abrupt or sudden change/decision making- think things coming to a head. The nee moon time itself invites us to plant seeds of intention. So what is your intention? What do you really want?

3. 🌗Tune Into Nature. The cycles of the moon regulates the energy of our entire planet and your body, it controls the ocean waves as well as the water that pulses through your body space, it controls planting and harvesting the earth. Focus on nature.

4. 🌘Meditation - This is beyond closing your eyes and humming. Setting an intention and honoring the Moon through rituals connects us to the Feminine Energy. Get into a meditation practice that serves your spirit.

5. 🌑Active breath work - Deep Breathing opens up the lungs. In Chinese medicine the skin is considered our third lung. The skin is our body's largest breathing organ and is ruled by the metal element, same as lungs and our very dear friend, the moon.

6. 🌒Keep A Journal- Journaling with the cycles of the moon is extremely powerful when it comes to planting seeds as well as harvesting with the respect to the earths cycles.

7. 🌓Visualization- Create a powerful guided visualization to bring your intention to fruition or manifest what you are asking for.

8. 🌔Give Thanks. ... Just because thanksgiving, the holiday is over doesn't mean you stop being thankful. When was the last time you thanked the moon or even researched what she is all about? Get to know her, she will become a very good friend of your inner mentor, your inner guidance system.

9. 🌙Because the full Moon is considered the "energetic peak" of the month, it's the perfect time to tap into its power and practice self-loyalty or self-care. Whether it's cleansing physically with an organic Skin And Body care ritual, an intentional Feng Shui space cleansing ritual or Blessing ceremonies or cleansing your mind from toxic or stinkin thinking.

10. 🌕Purge what you don't need. This makes room for the abundance or manifesting you are intending. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can change. So change up your patterns, get rid of the clutter in your life. Even purging emotionally (letting go of negative thoughts, patterns, behaviors, and even relationships),

Manifesting with the Moon" as it's called, is gaining in popularity as a way to promote taking care of yourself and better manage your daily stressors.

Think of each full Moon or even this time now as we transition from the Metal element into the Water element as a new chapter, a chance to start over, much in the same way the Moon itself does in its cycle.

Want to find out more, you're not alone... schedule a free discovery call where we can take a deeper dive into all things Transforming your Energy, Self Loyalty Rituals and Manifesting Your goals and dreams. 🌙