Relationship with Time

Do you ever feel like you never have any time for yourself? When people talk about “me time” you whisper under your breath “yeah right, I barely have enough time to get the necessary things done each day.”

People often ask the question “Where does time go?”, it is an age old question. Followed by shoulder shrugs and “I know right!” Our communication and relationship with time is distorted and we are conditioned into the same old patterns of complaining about the not enough-ness just to create more of the same. More empty time jars, wishing they would miraculously fill up.

Time just seems to disappear into thin air and that leads me to another saying, “Well time flies when you’re having fun”- ever hear that one?

There are so many sayings about time. Some justifying the reason we don’t have enough of it and others confirming it’s just outside of our grasp. So we continue the broken cycle of wishing for what we don’t have and it not ever being enough to fill up the void we feel in our lives.

Well it’s all good as long as we are having fun, right? Isn’t that what we say? Time flies when we are having fun?

But are you having fun? Or is time just flying while we are having the opposite of fun. Let’s explore, shall we?

If life feels complicated, challenging, negative or like time is a rare commodity reserved for the affluent and those who are born under a lucky star, listen up. Your life is about to change.

First shake off all that energy and the questions I asked you and just focus on how you feel. How you’re feeling in this very moment. Yes right now! So, how do you feel? If you don’t know how you feel, take this time to connect with yourself and explore.

For everyone else, you’re either feeling mostly positive or mostly negative. Ok so that’s established. Now what did we start talking about time and reclaiming it and asking where it goes and then we shift into how do we feel in this moment…I’m about to answer you.

First take a breath. Now take a deeper breath. In through your nose and guide your breath down to your belly. Then let the energy go out through your exhale.

Did you know that you are a powerful creator? Well, you are. You can create time by expanding your breath and connecting with yourself. When you can experience the most precious gift of this moment in time by connecting with your breath and honoring the connection you have with you, you get to expand time.

And not just expand time, you get to change the quality of the time you’re experiencing. And isn’t how you feel in every given moment of now all that really matters?

When you take the time to create a deeper bond with yourself, (yes Breathwork is a major step in the direction of strengthening your bond) you get to change the quality of the time you do have. You get to feel better and in turn those around you feel better as a direct result of you choosing to honor the one moment and the one exchange that matters - now and you inside your breath.

This is the place you can return to any time life feels out of control, when you feel not enoughness, when you can’t seem to find the time to get anything done. Yes, taking time can create a better relationship with time. Next time you ask for more time, ask instead for a better relationship with the time you do have.

Try it and share your Aha moments with me. I’d love to hear how you change your relationship with time.