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Shrinkage of the Brain

Boy, have I a story for you about how shifting my mindset and belief system shifted the physical effects of Fear, Stress & Anxiety in my body.

📧 We sent a previous email about the severe effects of Stress, Fear, Anxiety on the body and the fact that many people have a belief system that there is nothing we can do to shut off the constant noise inside our brains causing all this S T R E S S. "It's just Stress", If you are one of the people who think stress doesn't really do anything or that there is nothing you can do about reducing it so you just deal... Listen Up!

🤯 Stress and an almost constant noise created by what I call "MY INNER MOBSTER" caused me actual SHRINKAGE OF THE BRAIN!

🤔 "Irreversible", I said? "NO way"! My answer from the Neurologist was, (for a moment I felt pretty hopeless) until I heard one word. Well ... You know, that extended "WELLLLLL" which brought a glimmer of hope, right?... Before she even spoke, my mind was already saying "How could my brain actually un-shrink? 🙄 I'll do whatever she says to fix this.

What came next was very interesting. Instead of saying, "WELL, if you take these magic pills or WELL if you have this surgery" she said... "Well, if you become like a Monk then YOU COULD reverse this," I said, oh you mean like to meditate, mindfulness practices, breathwork, and mind-body practices Doc? "Yes, that is if YOU are WILLING to do that, YOU could possibly reverse it." I am sharing what came next inside our community so don't miss out!

🎥 Listen to my audio diagnosis of "shrinkage of the brain" from my neurologist! <<Click Here

👉 Here are 3 simple ways you can start the path toward calm and peace of mind even with the following labels; ADHD, PTSD, Panic, Fear, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, or even physical challenges... like in my case- brain shrinkage:

🌬️ Breath Work - Actively focusing on your breath and calming your breathing patterns can actually regulate your body's functions just by focusing on deep repetitive breathing.

✍🏻 Let It Out - Write, Use Your Voice. Speak, laugh, chant, yodel, heck yell if you have to. Let that trapped stress out of your body.

🧘‍♀️ Meditation - This allows us to create space between our life's circumstances and our life. It calms the mind and body, bringing us quickly into brain and heart coherence.

➡️ Join our private group where we continue to share ways to combat stress and bust through old thoughts and belief systems. We also added the anti-anxiety guided meditation inside the group so you can start your freedom from stress journey today and who knows, you too can create lasting change in your body, mind, and spirit by doing what I did- becoming monk-like. Schedule your free private coaching discovery call to grab some more tools to help you and your family BREAK FREE from all those labels and start taking your control back and start living today!

Learn how you can change your life one thought, one feeling, and one action at a time.

Stay Gangsta,