Difference of Mindset Mastery and Coaching

The Difference Between Mindset Mastery Mentoring and Coaching?

Many people have been asking us what is the difference between a coach and a mentor.

You might be doing a quick google search to find out how to change your life in some way and you can scroll for miles of feed from “Life Coaches” all around the world.

Why all the buzz around life coaching right now? Well, because due the entire world changing all at once, almost everyone wants to or has had to change their life in some way. So today we are discussing the first things to consider when searching for the right life coach for you.

You might think that I’m going to list out a specific bulleted list of things to consider like What do you want to change? Should I look for a coach that has done exactly what I want to do? (Matchmaking Coach, Career coach, Accountability Coach, Strategic Coach, Business Coach, Nutritional Coach) There are even Coaches for Animal Trainers.

I want to quickly fast forward to the why they are all good...Well they can be good at one thing and can train you to become better at a specific task or skill. This is why its a really good idea to hire a figure skating coach if you want to learn how to figure skate.

It really wouldn’t serve your specific skill to hire a Mindset Mastery Mentor until you have the basic knowledge of how to dance around on the ice. Same goes with basketball or soccer or even if you want to learn how to enhance your cooking skills.

What a Mindset Mastery Mentor does is help you re-wire, carve out new patterns, behaviors and completely transforms your mindset.

Why is this important? Because you probably know the basic skills in life, or at least in a part of life that you would like to master and there is something holding you back from stepping into your power. There is something holding you back from becoming the very best you can be and living life with more ease, peace, freedom and downstream where good things tend to magnetically attract to you. A place where fear, stress and anxiety is the thing of the past mindset, and you are literally rewiring your brain, drowning out the noise and tapping into a higher new frequency in life.

This Mindset Mastery learned skills will help you regardless of your specific niche… As you learn to follow and carve out a new path, your outlook on everything is totally different.

This is where becoming the number one skater in the US. Is not a far away as it used to feel. It is here where you learn the strategic pathways to create true happiness, master a skill or simply start to enjoy life with more ease.

Yes, it is true that many people want to break free from the mental chains holding them back from living their best life to its fullest potential. It could be be figure skating, becoming a part of upper management, falling in love, reinventing their career or becoming an entrepreneur. All the potential is hidden inside your mindset and that means it can be unlocked with the right Solutionzier™ toolbox.

At Transformational Gangstas, Mindset Mastery Mentoring we support you with unlocking that potential to reach your dreams and goals which means you can live a life filled with faith, love, peace and ease.

The second thing to know is that coaching begins and ends when a specific task or skill is learned. Yes that’s it, there is nowhere else to go because they don’t know about other topics quite frankly.

OK so lets look up someone more well rounded who can help you on a variety of topics- so you google something more basic like “life coach” to keep it general and enters one thousand 22 year old life coaches to tell you from experience…. Major eye rolling happening right now. I don’t think I need to write anything here.

Now lets discuss what we do at Transformational Gangstas Mindset Mastery Mentoring. We offer something very different than traditional coaching. Yes we can coach you and we do that as part of our program, not all of our program. We Mentor you and care about your outcome. We share these specific learnable Mindset Mastery courses because they work.

They work for every category and if you just want a change and aren’t even sure why or what. Maybe you know your skill and are feeling stuck or you might even have worked in a particular field for a period of time and wish to reinvent your life.

That is where these programs work amazingly! People are having life altering transformations, change of career, love life, family live, purchasing homes and so much more.

The common thread is that regardless of what their dreams and goals are, they are winning with a whole new perspective on life and everything is unfolding with faith, love, peace and ease. Most importantly they become happier. Which is all of our end goals in whatever venture we start in life, isn’t it?

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