What do I think about my Sobriety???

First of all, I cannot believe how fast the time has flown. It has been two years since I lifted up a glass of alcohol and used it to “cheers” for one reason or another. If I could pick one word that describes the sober me vs. the old version of me, that word would be FREE.

The truth is that alcohol was a very sneaky friend of my inner mobster. This sneaky enemy, disguised as my dear friend would talk me into thinking I NEEDED it to have fun, to celebrate, to let go of stress, to mellow out, to calm my nerves or anxiety, to dull the pain, to dance, to fit in and so many more false beliefs.

Now that I have experienced BREAKING FREE from the alcohol hold, so many avenues have opened up for me. In my new found freedom, I realize how strong and powerful I really am and I wasn’t ever a weak person. I used it as a crutch before I would go out, I would pre-game or have a drink in the cab on the way to an event or to see people, I would plan cab rides and make decisions around alcohol rather than what I really wanted to do. I was hiding behind the buzz and the real me was dulled even though I thought it was me showing up as a calmer and happier version of myself.

My inner spirit, my guidance system I call my Inner Mentor or my true best friend was really being snuffed out and drowned by the alcohol. It was a chain on me, holding me back from transforming into an even better version of the woman I had become. I was struggling inside to share the real me - even the anxious parts.

Breaking free from the crutch even allowed me to find more hours in the day. Now, I didn’t drink every day and I didn’t need rehab but still it controlled much of my time and my personality. I would drink and forget things, lose precious time and not be as productive as I like to be. I would not feel well the day after, make bad eating choices and take risks I didn’t deserve to take. That alone made me feel, act and show up as less than I really am.

Now my creativity is really shining through. I get up earlier in the mornings even after parties and events. I remember absolutely everything! I go to bed earlier, leading me to find more clarity and focus on my life.

Another thing that is so powerful is that I get to help other people who think that what is in their glass defines them. Not to mention I now have even more umph living out my true-life purpose of mentoring and coaching others by example. I have laser focused clarity that I pass on to all that I help. There aren’t many things that can give you more of a buzz than that I tell ya!

It’s kind of funny that the whole thing was actually stranger to others than it was to me. Other people had to recalibrate their perception of me when I didn’t have a glass in my hand. Would I now become a boring dud? Some even asked when the old me would be returning… I never asked what that meant- it’s not ever about me, it’s about them being uncomfortable so that didn’t stop me from my mission. I show everyone that I am a party in a glass and don’t need alcohol to have a great time, I throw the best party, I’m the last one dancing at the club or shining my light wherever I go. Others come to me to find out what kind of kool aid I am drinking.

Now let’s discuss finances. Are you ready? When I drank, I never drank the cheap stuff…meaning I wasn’t showing up for the $5 happy hour wine in the box deals. I would invest in my cocktails of choice. I recently did the math and estimated that my wife and I saved about $12,000 dollars a year. I figured if we went out 3 nights per week for cocktails or had a nice bottle of wine or a couple glasses of blue on the rocks, we easily spent $125 each. With that being said- if I was on fire island for a week- that meant 5-7 days of having a couple of drinks. The Pina Colada double floaters were about $25 per drink. We are now saving quite a bit of money which is simply a side benefit. Now I invest that money in me, in elevating my mindset and hitting even higher goals.

The best feeling by far is the strength I have found in my FREEDOM. I am not a weak person, never was! And this thing had a hold on me psychologically and that is the very best freedom you can ever experience is being in control. The freedom from thinking any and I mean any outside substance can or should ever have more control over how you feel than you do. Taking my power back from the inside of any bottle is unexplainably powerful. Every time I say NO THANK YOU and feel that FREEDOM and POWER, I am the best version of myself. That is where my inner mentor is smiling from ear to ear and we are cheers-ing our inner bubbly mocktails to this new found sense of FREEDOM and control. There is nothing like being in control. In control of your mind, your emotions, your body, your decision and what is in your glass.

Cheers to celebrating life every single day, no matter what is in your glass! Xoxo