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Why do we have such a stressful relationship with stress?

Stress is our fear reaction to life and to the constant change that consistently unfolds all around us. You may have heard people say the only constant in life is changes. Change is inevitable and it does not mean that Stress has to rule over all of our lives, shrinking us into a less than existence filled with fear at every turn.

It's time to create a new relationship with Stress. It has become a catchword: we use it as an excuse for not taking responsibility for our true feelings of; distrust, taken advantage of, anger, regret, grief, frustration, and above all our fear. If you equate stress with fear—and understand that feeling stressed is really a fearful reaction— to your life... to the what if's... to the the choices you make each and every day. Fear does create stress and feeling stressed out can lead us to that place of feeling afraid. So it's a cycle we stay stuck in without even knowing it.

When you face the reality that you are causing your stress, you can begin to eliminate the need for stress in your life and a new relationship can begin.

A peaceful, relaxed person is neither frightened nor stressed and so many feel it is an illusion of existence they can never get to. That a peaceful, calm and prosperous life is for other people and not meant for them because of this reason and that reason and this circumstance and what happened to me 27 years ago and so on and so on. We live in the victimization of what they did to me or what the world has dealt them and take no responsibility for their part in the whole picture.

If you are thinking right now, "Is she actually saying I am creating all this negativity in my life?"... The answer is YES. And hold one for a second. That is really a good thing because once you accept that you do have a part in this whole dance, you are no longer in the victimization of what happened or what happens to you and instead you start the journey toward taking your rightful place as the creator of your reality.

That's right, once you swallow the pill you do create all the negativity and have your pity party around "How dare she say that" you can take a look in the mirror and start fresh. I don't expect you to believe all of this just by reading a few lines in a blog post. This is just an invitation to explore "What if" What if I had a hand in creating the negative stuff or at least attracting some of it, what could that mean? Could it mean that I, little old me could actually start on a path of creating what it is that I really do want? You owe it to yourself to at least explore the possibility, after all, we used to believe the world was flat until someone proved otherwise. This is your opportunity to prove to yourself that you do have the power to change your life, the way you feel, and what you are attracting into your space. You can start attracting new feelings more often of faith, love, peace, ease, and that feeling of freedom that other people seem to have. Take a deep breath right now and imagine what your life could be if things were actually lining up to serve what you really want your life to be like?

So if you're feeling stressed, take a deep breath. I share in all of my coaching classes and emotionally transformative workshops that when everything in the world is out of control, you can control one thing. Your breath. Your relationship with your breath can transform your whole life. You see, when you're living life inside of fear, stress, anxious behavior, and that overall overwhelming sensation that takes over you are in what's called fight or flight breathing patterns. Those patterns talk to your brain and body and send Stress Signals in an attempt to protect you from many times you're not even sure, it's mostly the unknown.

Most of our beliefs about life and about ourselves are formed by the time we are five-seven years old. That includes our relationship with life's stressors. We may expand on them a little as teenagers and maybe some more when we are older, very little changes overall unless we make a change. Your relationship will not change until you do. If I were to ask you why you hold a certain belief, you would almost certainly trace it back to a decision you made when you were a young child.

The next time Stress seems to take over your present moment, take a deep breath and come into control of your breathing patterns which will then send the signals that everything is ok. You can then ask yourself "What am I afraid of?" Most people have a long list of worries, with things like work, money, family, relationships, and health at the top. Instead of staying inside the question because you will always have a reason behind your fear. Creating a new relationship starts with going into your breath and stopping the dance you have with stress. It has been going on for as long as you can remember. Isn't it time to change the narrative? If you don't know how to change the relationship, join our breathwork classes or schedule a discovery call with one of our Certified Emotionally Transformative Energy Mentors & Coaches today. Don't be afraid of the unknown, jump in today and set up that discovery call- find out how we can help you change that relationship into something miraculous. You can do it. You are just one thought away from a whole new life. Our mission is to transform one million minds by changing just one thought at a time. Will you join us on our mission?