You are the creator of your Gratitude

During this season of Thanksgiving, I thought it would be interesting to be in the energy of Thanksgiving…Meaning spending more time inside the energy of giving and sharing thanks.

So many people inside our coaching programs get stuck when they are first asked to write down a gratitude list.

I hear things like thankful for what? What should I write? Do you mean what I had? For the shiny new sports car? Maybe that new beach house you invested in over the pandemic, or your job, jewelry, family, a baby…

So let’s talk about that. What to be thankful and grateful for. Of course all of life’s circumstances and all of the shiny objects that show up for us are great to be thankful for as well as what is going well for us.

My answer is of course…Yes of course for all of that. And then I encourage them like I’m doing with you right now to go deeper. My mentoring practices aren’t happy with just scratching the surface. You are elevated way above that and I want to honor your intelligence so let’s go there, shall we?

Go smaller, go micro even. Search for things to be grateful for with a magnifying glass and a telescope rather than just plain eyesight. Look for things and search for circumstances to share thanks for.

So if we are going micro, let’s include the smallest of the small things that go virtually unnoticed most of our lives… like breathing. How about the things we cannot see at all like the lungs we use to bring breath to every part of our body. The gift of breath in our lungs or the gifts of our five senses for those of us who are blessed to have all or some of them.

How about spending time on Thanksgiving being thankful for all the non items in your life like time, love, appreciation, our emotions, blood pressure, thinking brain and all of the things our nervous system regulates.

Take a breath and close your eyes, placing your hands over your heart for a moment.

Take a breath in and while you do that say “I am thankful for” and with your exhale share something that you notice during this quiet time. Something you notice as you breathe deeply in and out and empty your mind.

Share gratitude for a new sensation you haven’t paid much attention to like your heartbeat, the feeling of your skin, the warmth in the space around you, the comfort of the seat under your body. How about giving thanks for your safety, security, your connection with source. Perhaps your digestion, the ease that settles into your back as you get grounded in your seat. Can you feel some sort of a connection to something when you invest in your quiet time.

Notice some part of your beautiful being that you haven’t given thanks for lately. Giving thanks until we genuinely feel it.

When you’re ready you can open your eyes and come back to the space around you.

The next step is to remember that feeling, write it down or document that feeling so you don’t forget it. This way you can offer thanks and gratitude for the parts of you that go almost completely ignored in order to grow gratitude in your life. It’s like you are planting a seed of feeling weekly, focusing on wellness, sharing thanks for the tiny things so that bigger and bigger things show up in your life.

Everyone wants to feel appreciated some how some way. Everyone responds to feelings of goodness, wether we talk about it, admit it or not.

Every organism in nature responds to gratitude which at its core has LOVE inside of it. Every part of this planet, when loved will thrive. You are no different than the plant that people say “when you talk to it, it grows” talking is a form of love and gratitude. It’s paying attention.

When we ignore parts of us that are longing for love, those parts can shrink, change or dissolve.

Over time, meditation, journaling and breath work allow us to memorize that “feel good” feeling so that we can keep some of our attention on it throughout the day.

If we can keep our awareness on that feeling of gratitude throughout our day and experiment by being in a state of receiving, you can take a breath, trust, let go and watch the magic happen.

Please share what new opportunities present themselves to you when inviting thankfulness and gratitude into your daily life. Share what good things come your way during this season of Thanksgiving.