“What will you be in 23?”

Written by on July 29, 2023


I hope this finds you at Peace during this holiday season…

Can you believe 2022 ends this Saturday night? So my question to you is, “What will you be in 23?”

I just reviewed some of the year-end review rituals we teach inside our online and in-person programs and set up some workshops to welcome in 2023. I wanted to share all of it with you so you do not miss out!

As we all make our way towards wrapping up 2022, you may feel yourself falling into the comparison trap, focusing on where you are NOT and that is the exact opposite feeling that will attract what it is you truly DO want to attract in 2023.

If you do what so many people want us to do, invest in the “lack of” thinking (that is plaguing the world at the moment), you will continue to attract more lack and continue feeling more of the same.

This year, I double doggy dare you to do something different. This may be unconventional and sound a bit foreign, but I am asking you to “Be kind to yourself.” Yes, that is it! Offer yourself some compassion and let go of where you “should be” and start with what is not serving you that you dream of unwrapping. Let this be the year that you learn to attract with positivity and start to manifest your dreams and goals. This goes for your personal and professional goals. You can have it all!

If you’re looking to end your year on a high note rather than stuck in a lack of mentality, allow the process to support you in taking a sacred pause to reflect, redirect and fuel all your 2023 goals and dreams.

Attract Positive Vibes in 2023

Find a special or sacred space to support your comfort and peace during your practice. Take some time to set up your space with a crystal, a candle, a cup of relaxing tea, and don’t forget your journal and a pen.

✍️ Write down the 3 best things that came out of 2022 for you

✍️Write down your 3 biggest takeaways from the last year

✍️Write 3 things you are most proud of yourself for accomplishing in 2022

✍️Write the 3 intentions that you wish to manifest in 2023

You can do this ritual:

As a Solo Self-Loyalty Practice, As a Family, or with friends.

You may also join us at one of our upcoming events and start manifesting an amazing 2023!

BE The Light – Attracting Positivity and letting go of 2022!

Live event with The Green Spa & Be Yoga BK

Tuesday, January 3rd @ 6:30 pm-8:30 pm


Decision-Making Masterclass (On Zoom)

Thursday, January 5th @ 7pm


Feng Shui Friday – Welcome Yin Water Rabbit & What to expect in 2023.

Friday, January 6th @ 6:30 pm


Friday the 13th Goal Crafting & Manifesting BYOB Vision Board Workshop

Friday, January 13th @ 6:30PM


If you come to one of our events, do share your experience with us. You can rip out your paper and put it into a time capsule, and review it at the end of next year to really look at how far you’ve come, or simply burn the old stuff and start this year’s journal with positive intentions.

Once you do this, feel free to share your questions, comments, or observations on Instagram, DM, or email us. We love hearing from you and look forward to manifesting amazing things in 2023!

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