During this season of Thanksgiving, I thought it would be interesting to be in the energy of Thanksgiving…Meaning spending more time inside the energy of giving and sharing thanks.

So many people inside our coaching programs get stuck when they are first asked to write down a gratitude list.

I hear things like thankful for what? What should I write? Do you mean what I had? For the shiny new sports car? Maybe that new beach house you invested in over the pandemic, or your job, jewelry, family, a baby…

So let’s talk about that. What to be thankful and grateful for. Of...


Do you ever feel like you never have any time for yourself? When people talk about “me time” you whisper under your breath “yeah right, I barely have enough time to get the necessary things done each day.”

People often ask the question “Where does time go?”, it is an age old question. Followed by shoulder shrugs and “I know right!” Our communication and relationship with time is distorted and we are conditioned into the same old patterns of complaining about the not enough-ness just to create more of the same. More empty time jars, wishing they would miraculously fill up.



Work life harmony or work life balance....what is the difference and what matters most?

We often hear about the importance of creating work life balance and the importance of creating balance in general, right?

Why is almost no one talking about creating harmony and what is the difference?

Well, recently inside my coaching group, this topic came up and got me thinking what’s more important, creating harmony in life or balance in life? Or are they the same thing?

Let’s think about this - when we think about the word balance, we can almost picture someone on a...

Screen Shot 2021-10-17 at 3.45.52 PM.png

What does that mean to get ready to get ready?

This means to prepare for what you say you want, to prepare for your day so you aren’t caught up in the day, instead you prime yourself for whatever could happen in the day. You might really get ready to accept the good and get ready to catch any potential curve balls that may be thrown your way in any given moment :

This is especially important if any of you experience a situation where you only know there is a problem and have no idea how to get to the solution....

For example: if your experiencing any heightened emotion...


If you can wish for absolutely anything in life right this very moment, what would you wish for? Seriously think about that right now. You can wish for money, a new car, better circumstances, a new partner, someone to share love with, a better body, to conceive a child or make a major life move. Or you could wish for something super grand like “learning how to live out your life’s purpose”

What about wishing for TIME?

Many people close to the end of their life, when asked this same question would ask for more TIME and the same word came up inside our Mobster to Mentor Tribe....


"If you feel lack of trust in or from others, your circumstances, outcomes, institutions, have a challenge trusting your own choices or even the universe in which you live… take a look within.”

Ask yourself, when did the lack of trust begin- trust in yourself I mean?

The trust you have in your abilities, your self trust. The decisions you are making, the trust you have that everything can change, will change and is already changing for the better. The trust you have in your timing, judgement, the trust you have that circumstances, relationships and yes money, apartments, cars...


We all know what the July 4th holiday represents for our country, Independence Day, also called Fourth of July or July 4th, in the United States, the annual celebration of nationhood. It commemorates the passage of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776.

What does that really mean? What really happened on Independence Day for our country was that we signed a piece of paper that stated we were able to BREAK FREE from foreign rule and we claimed our very own freedom to decide the fate of our country.



First of all, I cannot believe how fast the time has flown. It has been two years since I lifted up a glass of alcohol and used it to “cheers” for one reason or another. If I could pick one word that describes the sober me vs. the old version of me, that word would be FREE.

The truth is that alcohol was a very sneaky friend of my inner mobster. This sneaky enemy, disguised as my dear friend would talk me into thinking I NEEDED it to have fun, to celebrate, to let go of stress, to mellow out, to calm my nerves or anxiety, to dull the pain, to dance, to fit in and so many more false...


Fear is a way of life…What? I hear you saying. Stop for just a minute and read that one again. Do you believe that statement? Well, if you are on the fence or thinking “umm no, I don’t believe that at all” let’s carve out five minutes and let’s explore this four-letter word, find out if it in fact is a way of life, who taught us this so-called “way of life” and most importantly what to do now.

Let’s start by exploring where the heck fear comes from. I mean, saber-toothed tigers don't exist anymore and a good bet if you're reading this is that your basic physical needs are being...


So, let’s talk about the why. Why do we dedicate an entire month to create Awareness around Mental Health?

What comes to mind when you hear the words “Mental Health Awareness”? Do you think about the movie ‘Girl Interrupted’ or every time you hear the name “Clarice” you have shivers down your spine? Perhaps you have a picture of people wearing white gowns, living out life locked inside an insane asylum. Maybe you picture people who are depressed and cannot get out of bed, people who lean on addiction as an escape mechanism for past trauma.

You may even think of that person...